Everyone seems to be talking about Cadillac these days. Every review of the new ATS is nothing but good, (we will choose to ignore CUE for now). They all say that it takes out the 3 series quite handily in the performance department and isn't far behind in quality. But is anyone headed out to buy a 3 series really going to stop at a Cadillac dealership? As of right know no they aren't. I don't know if Cadillac has what it takes to overcome 35 years of sub-par mush mobiles bought solely by rappers and people in Florida waiting to die. If they want to get there it's going to take a lot more than almost matching the Germans. In my opinion where they should start is separating themselves more from GM. Not legally but in practice. They need interior design and exterior design language that is entirely different from any other GM line. They are headed in a very good direction. But it is going to take a lot more to change opinions.

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