WSJ Article On New Cayman

I was reading the attached article from WSJ about the new Cayman. All they did was rant and rave about how amazing it was. And yes it is a great car. I have had the pleasure of being at the helm of the new Boxster a few times. I continued to read and just glazed over the fact that the only car that they compared it to is the 911. I thought that that was stupid and proceeded to try and think of a competitor for it. And there just isn't. The Lotus Evora is the closet thing technically but the price difference is to much to justify an honest competitor. So this is a car that can never be as good as its big brother and has no one at the moment to compete with. Now this car is not going to take away sales from the 911. No one who walks into a dealership to get a 911 is going to walk out with a Cayman. And at this point if they improve the Cayman any more it will become faster than some 911 variants. So the question I pose you. Where is Porsche going to go with these cars in the future? I think they are going to emphasize the low end of the line up with the planned 4 cylinder engines in order to grab more of the market. If you cant go up you have to go down. Right?


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