With the latest news from Ford being that they are going to stop producing cars just for the Aussies is only the latest development in their effort to make one line up of cars for the global market. That means that you can buy any model of any car they make anywhere in the world. Now in America this has been rung in with great enthusiasm due to us getting behind the wheels of the Fiesta/Focus ST and eventually RS line up. It's been only good news from the company so far but for some reason I just do not feel good about it. First off I don't believe there will ever be a truly universal line up from Ford. No one in the UK is going to buy a F-150 and no one here will buy a Ute. I know for a fact that ford plans to compete in every single segment of the automotive market. That plan scares me because I can see it diluting the quality of the product and causing Ford to turn out nothing but cookie cutter cars that are slaves to the "Global Design Language" cough cough GM....... Ford can not move forward and fail to neglect the diversity of each market they are playing in.

Photo Cred- carsession.com


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